Animal Avenger

Rescued animals make the best pets

27 May

The dogs in this album are located at Dallas Animal Services and are in urgent need of rescue or adoption.

Please network the dogs in the album.

For rescue, e-mail Rescue Coordinator Mark Cooper at or call 214-670-8298. In the “Subject” line write “Want to Rescue” and include the Animal ID number in the title as well as the Intake Date. TWO Key Notes for rescue: (1) Your rescue group needs to be registered as a rescue group with the City of Dallas (you have to have a 501c3) before you can rescue a dog. You cannot rescue a dog if your group is not registered with them and you need a representative from your organization - for their name to be on the Pick Up list. Contact, 214-670-8298. No fee to pre-approved groups. (2) Also, there is no Rescue Coordinator on the weekend days, unfortunately. But, you call call Lost and Found and ask to talk to a Supervisor about a dog you want to rescue/adopt. 214-671-0315.

To ADOPT or for more information: email supervisor; 214-671-0249 or 214-670-8312. Adoption fee: $85 for dogs; $43 for senior citizens, or $43 each if you adopt two at once! Dallas Animal Services is located at 1818 N. Westmoreland at I-30 (NE corner) – and is open 7 days a week. M – Sat from 11a – 6:30P. Sunday 12 noon to 5PM.

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